GREET Databases
On-Farm Energy Use for Crop Production

On-Farm Energy Use at the U.S. State-Level

  • Fuel and electric costs estimated from the most recent year of data for the ARMS farm business survey
  • Download database
  • ARMS Phase III Corn 2016 from ERS (41 KB xlsx)
  • ARMS Phase III Rice 2013 from ERS (38 KB xlsx)
  • ARMS Phase III Soybean 2018 from ERS (62 KB xlsx)

  • Technical contact: Hoyoung Kwon ([email protected])

  • Lee et al. (2021), Retrospective analysis of the U.S. corn ethanol industry for 2005–2019: implications for greenhouse gas emission reductions
  • Liu et al. (2021), Feedstock Carbon Intensity Calculator (FD-CIC), Users’ manual and technical documentation. Energy Systems Division, Argonne National Laboratory. ANL/ESD-21/12