GREET Aviation Module

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April 25, 2022
GREET Aviation Module 2022 Rev1

The GREET team of Systems Assessment Center at Argonne National Laboratory is pleased to announce release of a new GREET Aviation Module.

The Systems Assessment Center at Argonne National Laboratory has developed an interactive standalone aviation module (GREET Aviation Module) to have a consistent aviation life-cycle analysis platform with the most up-to-date datasets. It is intended to evaluate the environmental impact of various aviation fuel production pathways including both fossil- and bio-derived aviation fuels. For easy access, this module uses Microsoft Excel with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to enable an interactive user interface.

  • The 2022 Rev1 version: Fixed bugs in exporting the results

Download tool and documentation

Technical contact: Uisung Lee ([email protected]) and Xinyu Liu ([email protected])

The GREET Aviation Module is developed with Microsoft Office 365. For best performance of the Module, we highly recommend using Microsoft Office 365 to run the Module.

To download and open GREET Aviation Module:

  • Click to save GREET Aviation Module 2022 Rev1 to your hard drive
  • When the download is completed, double click "GREET Aviation Module.xlsm," and choose to "Enable Macros," if prompted.

Prior Revisions
- GREET Aviation Module 2022 - Released: March 31, 2022