GREET Building LCA Module

Click to save and extract the .7z archive GREET_Building_LCA_Module_2021r1.7z to your hard drive.

GREET Building LCA Module 2021

The GREET team of Systems Assessment Center at Argonne National Laboratory is pleased to announce release of a new GREET Building LCA Module.

The GREET Building LCA Module is designed to conduct and compare detailed and transparent LCA of building materials/components/technologies, as well as whole buildings and building designs.

October 26, 2021
Major expansions and updates in GREET Building LCA Module 2021r1:

  • Fixed issues related to building material LCA modeling caused by inconsistent naming conventions
  • Restructured energy use intensity data to greatly improve data loading and calculation efficiency of building operation modeling
  • Enhanced preview of data entries at the Graphical User Interface for whole building LCA

October 11, 2021
Major modeling capabilities and features:

  • Building Component Analysis Module allows users to conduct detailed life cycle analyses of individual building materials, building components, and building technologies with a flexible system boundary and functional unit
  • Whole Building Analysis Module allows users to compile a Bill of Materials and energy usage to calculate embodied and operational emissions and energy use
  • Whole Building Analysis Module interacts with the Building Component Analysis Module and enables holistic assessment of embodied and operational impacts of alternative material choices and building designs
  • Graphical User Interfaces for step-to-step data entry, modeling, and visualization of LCA results
  • Consistent and transparent embodied greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy use impacts can be compared among building materials, building technologies, and whole buildings/building designs
  • Whole building modeling enables holistic analysis of potential trade-offs between embodied and operational GHG emissions and energy consumption for whole buildings and alternative building designs
  • Integration with GREET 1 and GREET 2 provides reliable, updated data for common process fuels, electricity, materials, and transportation modalities for LCA modeling of building materials and whole buildings
  • Transparent design allows users to view, modify, and expand background databases used for transparent and up-to-date material-level and whole building LCA

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  • GREET Building LCA Module: Technical Report (2.2 MB pdf)
  • GREET Building LCA Module: User Guide (2.6 MB pdf)

GREET Building LCA Module Downloads

The GREET Building LCA Module is developed with Microsoft Office 365. For best performance of the Module, we highly recommend using Microsoft Office 365 to run the Module.

To download:
  • Click to save and extract the .7z archive GREET_Building_LCA_Module_2021r1.7z to your hard drive.
  • When the download is complete, unzip the file by double clicking on it in the folder where you saved it.
  • To open GREET Building LCA Module:
  • Double click on the file "GREET Building LCA Module.xlsm," and choose to "Enable Macros," if prompted, then press F9 before running model.

  • Prior Revisions
    - GREET Building LCA Module 2021 - Released: October 11, 2021