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Title : 2017 Algae Harmonization Study: Evaluating the Potential for Future Algal Biofuel Costs, Sustainability, and Resource Assessment from Harmonized Modeling
Publication Date : August 01, 2018
Authors : R. Davis, A. Coleman, M. Wigmosta, J. Markham, C. Kinchin, Y. Zhu, S. Jones, J. Han, C. Canter, Q. Li
Abstract : To present a more unified picture of the long-term future potential for algal biofuels and the goals that must be met to reach that potential, four national laboratory algae modeling groups collaborated to harmonize respective models for resource assessment, techno-economic analysis, and life-cycle analysis of algal biomass production and conversion processes. In contrast to prior harmonization studies that this group has previously conducted, which focused on establishing benchmarks attributed to current performance at the time, the primary intent of the present harmonization study was to project these models to forward-looking targets that must be achieved to improve economic and environmental sustainability metrics towards more viable levels in the future, within limitations for location availabilities identified by resource assessment modeling and thus national-scale fuel output potential (i.e., billion gallons gasoline equivalent per year, BGGE/yr).

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