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Title : Update of Distillers Grains Displacement Ratios for Corn Ethanol Life-Cycle Analysis
Publication Date : September 01, 2008
Authors : S. Arora, M. Wu, M. Wang
Abstract : This report details the effort in updating the displacement ratios of dry milling corn-ethanol co-products used in the animal feed industry for use in the GREET model. Displacement ratios of corn-ethanol co-products including DGS, CGM, and CGF were last updated in 1998 at a workshop at Argonne National Laboratory on the basis of input from a group of experts on animal feeds. Production of corn-based ethanol (either by wet milling or by dry milling) yields the following co-products: distillers grains with solubles (DGS), corn gluten meal (CGM), corn gluten feed (CGF), and corn oil. Of these co-products, all except corn oil can replace conventional animal feeds, such as corn, soybean meal, and urea.

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