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Title : Development and Use of GREET 1.6 Fuel-Cycle Model for Transportation Fuels and Vehicle Technologies
Publication Date : June 01, 2001
Authors : M. Wang
Abstract : This report documents new pathways, including petroleum to crude naphtha, NG to naphtha via the Fischer-Tropsch process, and electricity to gaseous hydrogen and liquid hydrogen via electrolysis, and key results of GREET 1.6. This was the first GREET version to have a graphic user interface that interacted with the spreadsheet and to incorporate uncertainty analysis of the fuel pathways. Also, in previous GREET versions, energy use and emissions from transporting energy feedstocks and fuels were simulated by using energy efficiencies as inputs to different transportation activities-similar to simulations of feedstock and fuel production activities. In the new version, transportation-related activities are simulated by using input parameters, such as transportation modes, transportation distances, energy use intensities for various transportation modes, and other factors.

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