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Title : Greenhouse gas mitigation strategies and opportunities for agriculture
Publication Date : August 07, 2021
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Authors : H. Kwon, X. Liu, H. Xu, M. Wang
Abstract : To cope with increasing demands for food, feed, and energy along with environmental challenges due to climate change, the agricultural sector has a unique opportunity to meet sustainable development goals set by the United Nations through innovative and regenerative agriculture practices that enhance agricultural productivity, ecosystem services, and human well-being simultaneously. Among many sustainability metrics to measure agriculture’s impacts on sustainability and contribution to its improvements, we focus on the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the agricultural sector as a key environmental indicator to assess several GHG mitigation practices from the perspective of life-cycle analysis applied to agriculture. We first analyze the key factors contributing to farming GHG emissions and then identify a range of GHG mitigation strategies, such as optimizing farm fertilizer/chemical inputs, manufacturing low-carbon fertilizer/chemical, reducing on-farm energy/fuel consumption, and increasing soil carbon stocks. Furthermore, we elaborate on how these strategies can be successfully implemented to different scales of farming through policies and incentives and better quantification and verification schemes for effective policies and incentives. Finally, we present the holistic evaluation of agricultural GHG
emissions in terms of landscape management approaches and provide ecosystem services to address social and economic issues.