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Title : Life-Cycle Assessment of Energy and Greenhouse Gas Effects of Soybean-Derived Biodiesel and Renewable Fuels
Publication Date : March 01, 2008
Authors : H. Huo, M. Wang, C. Bloyd, V. Putsche
Abstract : This report documents development of soybean-based renewable diesel and renewable gasoline pathways and update of soybean-based biodiesel pathways in GREET 1.8. We assessed the life-cycle energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission impacts of three soybean-derived fuels by expanding, updating, and using the GREET model including biodiesel produced from soy oil transesterification; renewable diesel produced from hydrogenation of soy oil by using two processes (renewable diesel I and II); and renewable gasoline produced from catalytic cracking of soy oil. We used four allocation approaches to address the co-products: a displacement approach; two allocation methods, one based on energy value and one based on market value; and a hybrid approach that integrates both the displacement and allocation methods. Each of the four allocation approaches generates different results.

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