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Title : Summary of Expansions, Updates, And Results in GREET® 2017 Suite of Models
Publication Date : November 30, 2017
Authors : M. Wang, A. Elgowainy, J. Han, P. Benavides, A. Burnham, H. Cai, C. Canter, R. Chen, Q. Dai, J. Kelly, D. Lee, U. Lee, Q. Li, Z. Lu, Z. Qin, P. Sun, S. Supekar
Abstract : This report provides a technical summary of the expansions and updates to the 2017 release of Argonne National Laboratory’s Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation (GREET®) model, including references and links to key technical documents related to these expansions and updates. The GREET 2017 release includes an updated version of the GREET1 (the fuel-cycle GREET model) and GREET2 (the vehicle-cycle GREET model), both in the Microsoft Excel platform and in the modeling platform.

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