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Title : Building Life-Cycle Analysis with the GREET Building Module: Methodology, Data, and Case Studies
Publication Date : October 01, 2021
Authors : H. Cai, X. Wang, J. Kelly, M. Wang
Abstract : To holistically address building sustainability, Argonne National Laboratory has expanded its Greenhouse gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy use in Technologies (GREET) life-cycle model with a new GREET Building Module. This report documents life-cycle analysis (LCA) methodology and foreground data that Argonne National Laboratory compiles and develops to address embodied greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy impacts of a wide range of envelope and structural building materials for new construction and retrofits. The methodology and data form the backbone of the GREET Building Module.

This research effort focuses on developing consistent LCA methodology that conforms to building LCA standards such as the EN 15978 to address embodied GHG emissions and energy impacts of building materials/technologies. We document detailed foreground data for selected building materials and building components that are common for building construction. To test the LCA methodology and the GREET Building Module, this report includes case studies of insulation materials and wall panels for residential building retrofit. We have developed a separate document as a User Guide for understanding and applying the GREET Building Module to conduct detailed, process-level LCA of embodied carbon and energy impacts of emerging building materials and technology solutions that of interest to the Building Technologies Office (BTO) of the US Department of Energy, researchers, and industry stakeholders.

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