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Title : Mobility Chains Analysis of Technologies for Passenger Cars and Light-Duty Vehicles Fueled with Biofuels: Application of the GREET Model to the Role of Biomass in America's Energy Future (RBAEF) Project
Publication Date : May 01, 2005
Authors : M. Wu, Y. Wu, M. Wang
Abstract : This report documents the production of multiple cellulosic biofuels from switchgrass via biochemical and thermochemical conversions. Bioethanol was produced through consolidated bioprocessing. Bio-Fischer-Tropsch diesel, bio-Fischer-Tropsch naphtha, bio-dimethyl-ether, and co-product bio-electricity were produced through thermochemical gasification followed by syngas synthesis and GTCC or steam turbine. Pathways analysis was based on process simulation by Dartmouth College and Princeton University. They evaluated energy and GHG benefits of cellulosic biofuels in the year 2025. Results of this study show various production options using switchgrass-based biofuel, their fossil energy use, and life cycle GHG emission reductions relative to conventional gasoline. GREET's herbaceous ethanol pathway was updated through this effort.

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