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Title : Development and Applications of GREET 2.7 - The Transportation Vehicle-Cycle Model
Publication Date : November 01, 2006
Authors : A. Burnham, M. Wang, Y. Wu
Abstract : This report details the development and application of the GREET 2.7 model. The vehicle-cycle module in GREET evaluates the energy and emission effects associated with vehicle material recovery and production, vehicle component fabrication, vehicle assembly, and vehicle disposal/recycling. With the addition of the vehicle-cycle module, the GREET model now provides a comprehensive, lifecycle-based approach to compare the energy use and emissions of conventional and advanced vehicle technologies (e.g., hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles). The current model includes six vehicle combinations consisting of a conventional material or lightweight material version of a mid-size passenger car with either an internal combustion engine, an internal combustion engine with hybrid configuration, or a fuel cell with hybrid configuration. The model calculates the energy use and emissions that are required for vehicle component production; battery production; fluid production and use; and vehicle assembly, disposal, and recycling. This report also presents vehicle-cycle modeling results. In order to put these results in a broad perspective, the fuel-cycle model (GREET 1.7) was used in conjunction with the vehicle-cycle model (GREET 2.7) to estimate total energy-cycle results.

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