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Title : Update of Direct N2O Emission Factors from Nitrogen Fertilizers in Cornfields
Publication Date : September 11, 2019
Authors : H. Xu, H. Cai, H. Kwon
Abstract : Corn farming requires intensive nitrogen fertilizer input. When applied in cornfield, a portion of nitrogen fertilizers is directly converted to nitrous oxide (N2O) through the soil microbial processes of nitrification and denitrification and released to the atmosphere. In addition to direct N2O emissions, N2O emissions can also be produced through indirect processes including volatilization of nitrogen fertilizers and leaching and runoff of nitrate from the fertilizers. In 2012, Argonne National Laboratory estimated a direct nitrogen fertilizer-induced emission factor (hereafter direct N2O EF) of 1.2% through literature review (Wang et al. 2012). Since then, according to Web of Science, about 263 new studies on this topic have been published. This technical memorandum documents a new update aiming to expand the previous literature review with new studies to reflect recent empirical evidences of nitrogen fertilizer-induced N2O emissions.

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