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Title : U.S. DRIVE Net-Zero Carbon Fuels Technical Team Analysis Summary Report 2020
Publication Date : September 01, 2021
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Authors : J. Dees, H. Goldstein, G. Grim, K. Harris, Z. Huang, U. Lee, P. Meyer, I. Rowe, D. Sanchez, A. Simon, L. Snowden-Swan, L. Tao, M. Wang, E. Yoo
Abstract : The Net-Zero Carbon Fuels Technical Team (NZTT) is tasked with investigating the potential to generate carbon-based fuels with much lower carbon intensities (CIs) compared to those of conventional fuels, approaching or exceeding net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In this study, the life cycle GHG emissions of four fuel production pathways and dozens of variants on those pathways are analyzed. Additionally, the overall cost of each pathway is evaluated and calculated as minimum fuel selling price (MFSP).