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Title : Life Cycle Inventories for Palladium on Niobium Phosphate (Pd/NbOPO4) and Zirconium Oxide (ZrO2) Catalysts
Publication Date : April 01, 2021
Authors : K. Kingsbury, P. Benavides
Abstract : This report examines the consumption of material and energy inputs throughout the life cycle of the Palladium on Niobium Phosphate (Pd/NbOPO4) and Zirconium Oxide (ZrO2) catalysts. Both catalysts have been used successfully in biofuel production, so the material and energy flows for the new catalysts and associated materials will be relevant to future biofuel LCAs. We describe the supply chain, life cycle inventory collection, and cradle-to-gate life cycle analysis results for the two catalysts and their associated materials in the following technical report. Material and energy inputs were collected from a variety of sources including scientific literature, technical reports from Argonne and other national laboratories, sustainability reports from mining and chemical companies, information already in the GREET model, and direct correspondence with experts in the field. In the report, we also identify and discuss the primary contributors to each catalyst’s environmental burden, and we provide suggestions for making improvements in the catalysts’ supply chains

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