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Title : Regional-level analysis for the material flows and process energy demands of aluminum and steel in the American automotive industry
Publication Date : December 05, 2019
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Authors : N. Hua, G. Keoleian, G. Lewis
Abstract : Aluminum and steel dominate the material composition of American light duty vehicles (LDV), representing 12% and 54% of an LDV’s curb weight, respectively, as of 2018 (Ducker FSG Holdings, LLC [Ducker], 2018). With rising concerns about the American automotive sector’s sustainability, gaining a better understanding of the automotive aluminum and steel supply chains can provide valuable insight towards better assessing the energy demand and greenhouse gas burden of a vehicle’s materials on a global and regional basis. This study details the development of a method and framework for regionally linked, sector specific material flow analysis (MFA) models and presents the results of such models for aluminum and steel entering the American automotive industry (henceforth termed automotive aluminum and automotive steel). Additionally, the models facilitate a regionalized perspective of the process energy demands associated with automotive aluminum and steel, including their respective raw materials

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