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Title : Refinery Products Volatile Organic Compounds Emissions Estimator (RP-VOC):User Manual and Technical Documentation
Publication Date : December 01, 2020
Authors : J. Beath, P. Vosmus, R. Kazanski, S. Backes, B. Sebastian, G. Zaimes, T. Hawkins
Abstract : The estimation of well-to-distributor volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions resulting from the extraction of crude oil in an oilfield, transportation to a crude oil terminal upstream of the refinery, operation of the refinery, and subsequent pipeline and product distribution has previously been approached as a top-down industry-wide average; RP-VOC performs its core calculations using a “from-the-ground-up” approach. By taking this approach, the tool results can be used for the supply network of a single refinery, or to generalize the average performance of all refineries.

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