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Title : Well-to-Wheels Analysis of Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Publication Date : June 01, 2010
Authors : A. Elgowainy, J. Han, L. Poch, M. Wang, A. Vyas, M. Mahalik, A. Rousseau
Abstract : For this WTW analysis, Argonne National Laboratory researchers used the GREET model to compare the WTW energy use and GHG emissions associated with various transportation technologies to those associated with PHEVs. They estimated the fuel economy and electricity use of PHEVs and alternative fuel/vehicle systems by using Argonne's Powertrain System Analysis Toolkit (PSAT) model. They examined two PHEV designs: the power-split configuration and the series configuration. They calculated the equivalent "on-road" (real-world) fuel economy on the basis of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency miles per gallon (mpg)-based formulas. They employed detailed dispatch models to simulate the electric power systems in four major regions of the United States. Argonne also evaluated the U.S. average generation mix and renewable generation of electricity for PHEV and BEV recharging scenarios to show the effects of these generation mixes on the WTW results.

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