Refinery Products Volatile Organic Compounds Emissions Estimator (RP-VOC)

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March 25, 2021

The Refinery Products Volatile Organic Compounds Calculator (RP-VOC) provides detailed, bottom up calculation of emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) along the supply chain of refinery products. The model estimates VOC emissions along the supply chain of refined petroleum products from extraction of crude oil in an oil field, transportation to a crude oil terminal upstream of the refinery, operation of the refinery, and subsequent pipeline and product distribution. The tool provides a generic dataset representative of average performance and can also be parameterized to estimate the supply network for a specific refinery.

VOC emissions contribute to ozone formation in combination with nitrous oxide compounds which can potentially present regional health concerns. Understanding where VOC emissions may be occurring is the first step to prioritizing plans for future reductions.

The tool consists of two modules:
  • RP-VOC-Leaks for estimating emissions from individual piping components and
  • RP-VOC-Tanks for estimating emissions from storage tanks

Together these sources represent the largest emissions sources of VOC associated with refineries and their supply chains.