GREET WTW Calculator

Based on the GREET model, GREET WTW Calculator summarizes WTW results of energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and air pollutants emissions for different vehicle technologies with different functional units.

Alternative Fuel Life-cycle Environmental and Economic Transportation (AFLEET) Tool

AFLEET Tool is developed to estimate petroleum use, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollutant emissions, and costs of ownership of light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles using simple spreadsheet inputs.

Available Water Remaining for the United States (AWARE-US) Model

The monthly AWARE-US Model builds on the AWARE global model and improves on it by incorporating measured data and refined spatial scale at the U.S. county level. In AWARE-US, water-stress impact of marginal new water consumption is quantified as a water-scarcity footprint, which is the product of monthly water consumption and monthly county-level water-stress characterization factors.

Feedstock Carbon Intensity Calculator (FD-CIC)

FD-CIC is a transparent and easy-to-use tool for feedstock-specific, farm-level carbon intensity (CI) calculation of biofuel feedstocks. FD-CIC helps stakeholders to assess the effect of changing farm-level input parameters on feedstock CI scores in the biofuel LCA context.

Refinery Products Volatile Organic Compounds Emissions Estimator (RP-VOC)

RP-VOC provides detailed, bottom up calculation of emissions of VOCs along the supply chain of refinery products. The tool provides a generic dataset representative of average performance and can also be parameterized to estimate the supply network for a specific refinery.

GREET Building LCA Module

GREET Building LCA Module is designed to conduct and compare detailed and transparent LCA of embodied and operational GHG emissions, energy consumption, and sustainability performance of building materials/components/technologies, as well as whole buildings and building designs.

GREET Aviation Module

GREET Aviation Module is to evaluate the environmental impact of various aviation fuel production pathways including both fossil- and bio-derived aviation fuels.

GREET Marine Module

GREET Marine Module is intended to evaluate the environmental impact of various marine fuel production pathways including both fossil- and bio-derived marine fuels.

GREET with H2 User Interface

GREET with H2 User Interface is released with an additional interactive user interface in a separate dedicated worksheet (H2_User_Inputs) designed for users interested in hydrogen pathways to facilitate simple process data input and various levels of emissions results in the same worksheet.